What services do you offer?

In addition to basic bath and groom (see below), we offer other services and packages more specialized to the needs of the individual. Please call for details.


Bathing, with all purpose shampoo
Blow drying
Sanitary cut or Groom & Style
Nails cut or filed
Ears cleaned and plucked
Glands checked
Bows and Bandanas


Do you sedate dogs?

Absolutely not. Contrary to rumors spread by big-store groom shops, small shops like Del Paso Grooming do not sedate dogs. We are not certified veterinarians and would not be allowed to administer sedatives or other drugs.

In extreme cases, a dog or cat may be sedated at the request of the customer to avoid undue stress if the animal does not respond well to grooming or may pose a danger to our groom staff. Sedation is never done without the express approval of the owner and is always administered by the qualified veterinary staff at Del Paso Veterinary Clinic next door.


How much do you charge?

Prices start at $25 and increase gradually depending on breed and the number of services requested. We are a small family-run shop offering some of the lowest grooming prices in Sacramento. Our comparatively low overheads, less profit-oriented principles and genuine desire to serve the community in which we work and live, makes us a much better choice for our customers than the pet-store groom shops.


Poodle (Toy or Miniature)
Miniature Schnauzer
Bassett Hound
Smaller Terriers
Lhasa Apso
Cocker Spaniel American Eskimo
Giant Schnauzer
Long-haired German Shepherd
Cat Bath
Springer Spaniel
Giant Schnauzer
Samoyed, Malamute, Husky
Standard Poodle
Old English Sheepdog
Hungarian Sheepdog
Great Pyrenee
St. Bernard
Newfoundland or Newfy Mix
Cat Haircut
Express grooming (1-1.5 hr service).
Please add $10 - $20 depending on breed and service selected.
Flea & Tick Bath ($5.00)
Nail Painting ($5.00)
Nail Clipping only ($10.00)
Teeth Brushed ($10.00)
Color Tinting ($15 - $20)
Extra De-matting ($5 - $10)


How long does it take?

An average basic bath and groom takes between 2 and 2.5hrs depending on breed. Saturdays and other busy days may take longer. Please make sure to confirm a pick-up or delivery time for your pet on check-in.

We always call to let customers know when their pets are ready or if there will be a delay. This way, we can avoid dogs and cats experiencing unnecessary stress or separation anxiety by not making them wait too long.


Can I wait while my dog or cat is groomed?

We discourage customers from waiting at the shop while their pet is groomed. The presence of the owner often makes the dog or cat distracted and fidgety. This makes grooming more difficult and time-consuming and can lead to an increased risk of accidental injury. Besides, even the owners of the most 'difficult' or highly-strung pets would be surprised how well most dogs or cats behave at the groomers. They are usually much better-behaved for strangers than for their own owners!

For those clients who are worried about how their pet will respond to being groomed, we recommend waiting outside or staying in cell phone contact in case they are needed. We may also ask for the owner to help with certain tasks like muzzling dogs with a history of biting or holding large or uncooperative dogs while we trim their nails.


My dog is scared of the dryers. Can I still get them groomed?

Absolutely. Some dogs and cats are scared of blow dryers at first but usually get used to them very quickly - some even grow to enjoy the process! But for those pets who maintain a fear of dryers, we are able to offer alternatives such as quiet cage dryers and hand toweling.


What if my pet gets sick or is injured?

Before accepting new clients, we insist on them signing waivers that outline any preexisting conditions their pet might have so we can best cater to their needs. We also insist that their dogs or cats are up to date with their shots so as to avoid the risk of infected animals passing diseases to other pets.

In the unlikely event of a pet becoming sick or being accidentally injured while at the shop, we partner with Del Paso Veterinary Clinic next door to provide immediate attention for pets in need.